Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey Batter Batter! First Birthday Party.....

This first birthday party was a total blast to plan. Weeks and weeks went into creating the perfect 1st birthday for little guy Cayden. Taking place as a block party in South Philadelphia, we used the Philadelphia Phillies as inspiration and knew everyone would show up with team pride. Its hard not to in a baseball town like this one!

Centerpieces I created using typical baseball munchies, some printables I created and topping them on a square of artificial grass.

A "Phanatic Phood" table played a tribute to the lovable team mascot, the Philly Phanatic, who made an appearance later on in the day.....

What else to serve at a baseball party than Hot Dogs? We were loving this retro machine we borrowed from a neighbor.

Using individual packets of condiments saved on a lot of messy bottles and made the food line flow very smoothly when you didn't have to wait for your turn.

Centerpiece on the buffet table

Concession sign hanging from the front window, all the food was underneath and we had baseball snacks scattered throughout the party.

Philadelphia Prezel Company made "P" pretzels to show team pride!

Favors that were super easy to make, using dollar store baseball bats with the baseballs attached and I created the hang tags and attached with some patriotric ribbon
Another sign I created for the peanuts.

Autograph station for everyone to leave their well wishes for the little slugger.

At last, a special appearance by the Philly Phanatic to surprise all the excited adults kids.

The men at the party giving their arms a workout at the Speed Pitch inflatable we rented. Even the Phanatic is giving a try at it!

Cake time for the Birthday Boy! Loved all the team spirit that everyone brought to celebrate his big day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No more teachers, no more books....

School aged children are bursting with energy the last day of school. These kids have been awaiting this day for months! Summertime weather has arrived and students (and teachers!) have been daydreaming for weeks about the final day.

Lets face it, most kids are just as happy to be running around outside with their friends, but why not give them a memorable send off that they can remember for years to come?

Here are a few images to get your creative juices flowing for the big finale!

Camping Party:

Why not let the kids go "camping " for a few hours that evening?

An Ice Cream Social would be a really fun idea on a hot day!

These are just a couple of ideas from the countless things you can do to make their last day special. You could even incorporate something the kids might have learned about during the year like The Civil War, Native Americans, etc. You could do more traditional things like a luau, or an old fashioned picnic or even try to organize a mystery detective party or a scavenger hunt. The ideas are endless!

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