Monday, July 11, 2011

This kid is going to "Dig" turning Two - Part 1

I recently finished planning & styling my nephew's 2nd birthday party. Since Cooper's dad is a general contractor and this kid loves everything diggers, dump trucks and many other construction vehicles that I don't know the names of, it was only appropriate to stick to this theme.

There were so many elements that went into this party from the decorations, the kids fun stations and food & beverages, I am going to break it up into two posts. Hang on tight, this is a long one.....

This was the kids table, complete with hardhats and construction cone drinking cups. They were a big hit!
This was our first zone for the kids which included tons of brick "blocks" for building.

We included some fun little signs to keep our guests amused!

The second area was a coloring table complete with take home waist aprons that had a dump truck coloring book and little packs of crayons tucked away in the pockets.

It helped that Cooper's dad is "in the business" and could score us lots of cool stuff like these construction barriers!

View from under the tent. Originally we didn't want to have it under a tent, but with the weather forecast at 40% rain, we opted to rent one just in case. Of course it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Close up of the centerpieces I created. Each table had a glass centerpiece with diggers, a hard hat and a miniature construction cone, set on a blueprint.

This station for the kids turned out to be the biggest hit. Boxes and boxes created tons of fun building for these little guys and gals. They would get so excited when an adult would stack them super high so they could knock them over!

Thanks for taking a look. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow - Favors & Food!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Be Back Soon!

Be back soon with some great posts on a Construction themed party from last week. Forgive me from being MIA, but I am recently back from here:
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