Monday, February 25, 2013

Under the Sea 5th Birthday...

I had the pleasure of hosting and styling an Under the Sea 5th Birthday party. It was a tight budget so I tried to make do with things that I got on clearance at Michaels & AC Moore as well as buying a few supplies off the internet. I wanted it to be playful and fun, both for the kids and the adults!

The favors were sand buckets that I got at the dollar store, filled with the usual; goldfish, bubbles, tattoos & candy. The favors I created online that read "Thanks for being part of my world!". After tying them up with cellophane wrap, I tied the sand shovel onto the outside of the bucket to give them a little more depth.

The only somewhat expensive thing I splurged on was the scene setter roll of underwater paper. I strung some christmas lights underneath to give it some shimmer and cut out a cardstock image of Ariel to look like she was swimming away.

The desserts I made myself, just some simple cupcakes dressed up with a picture of Ariel & Prince Eric's wedding scene created a little centerpiece for the platter.

I made some oreo truffle balls that were dipped in aqua chocolate and piped with some orange frosting.

The cake was adroned with some chocolate shells that I molded with some brown sugar nestled along the bottom of the layers.

This "sand castle" was purely for decorating - just used a sand toy mold and filled it with brown sugar and let it harden. Just a little pizazz for the sweets table.
Just an overview where the kids ate - some helium balloons on the ceiling with no strings, along with some cheap netting I found and some clearance ribbon & accessories created the perfect little room for them to play in.


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  3. You did an amazing job!!!! We did an Under The Sea Ariel party for Coco this year. Quite an undertaking!!! Love all your special touches! Thanks for the anniversary wishes. xo


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